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Pool Services

Pool Nation Pool Shop - Your Local Pool Supplies and Servicing based in Brendale QLD (4500)

Free 60 second in store pool water testing using the latest technology test equipment
Full range of pool supplies, pool cleaners, pool pumps and chlorinators
Complete mobile pool and spa servicing and equipment installation in North Brisbane
Please call us on 07 3881 1530

Free 60 Second In Store Water Testing

Pool Nation are pleased to offer FREE 60 Second Pool and Spa Water testing at our Brendale QLD store.
Our FREE comprehensive water analysis includes the following tests:

Free Chlorine
Total Chlorine
Bromine (as applicable)
Total Alkalinity
Cyanuric Acid (Stabiliser)
Calcium Hardness

How to get your free one minute water test

Collect a fresh water sample from your pool or spa by filling the bottle about an elbows depth under the water surface, and away from the skimmer box or outlet jets. It is always best to bring your water sample in for a test as soon as possible after collection and never leave your sample in a hot car.
After the 60 second test is complete, you will be provided with a print out of your computerised water analysis result, detailing the exact chemical dosages required to maintain a safe and healthy pool or spa.

Mobile Pool Servicing

Whether you need a casual or regular pool service in the North Brisbane area, our team of experienced technicians are here to help.

Pool Service From $55

Our great value pool service includes the following services:

Comprehensive onsite water balance test using our computerised photometer testing equipment
Add chemicals as required (chemical cost extra)
Clean skimmer and pump baskets
Brush walls & steps and scoop leaves
Clean cartridge filter or backwash filter as applicable
Clean cell if required
Inspect and maintain pool equipment
Pool balance report
Price applicable up to 70,000 litres. For larger pools please contact us for a quote.
Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one off pool services are available.